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Do you want to do more business, reduce your risks and/or raise better funding?

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    100% Free And No Obligation Quote Service
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    100% Free And No Obligation Quote Service
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    100% Free And No Obligation Quote Service
  • LiquidityCo at your service

    We equip companies with risk transfer and funding superpowers.

    To grow, many businesses require funding and effective risk transfer mechanisms. We help with both.

  • Valuable and cost-effective

    Sign up for free and start selling more!

    The types of credit insurance and/or funding solutions that we offer are used by companies ranging from world-famous global multinationals to nimble startups.

    Our distinctive advantage is that we are run by professionals with many years of experience as financiers, underwriters and arrangers of credit insurance. We provide you with credit insurance, risk management and funding superpowers for growing your business.

  • Volume discounts

    Credit insurance like anything else becomes cheaper when bought in bulk. The more we collectively buy it, the lower premiums we can negotiate

    We use latest technologies and experienced partners in various areas to help you achieve more. Our risk management tools allow you to sell more to your business clients, borrowers, insureds, all while following prudent risk management best practices.

  • Immediate saving on premiums

    On top of volume discounts, we are committed to provide our clients with solutions allowing them to minimise the premium they pay depending on the amount of cover provided.

    This is unmatched by anyone else in the market so we can generate immediate savings for you compared to your existing situation. Call us today on +44 203 797 1287 to discuss this great offer further.

  • Charity contributions from each transaction

    We are committed to making charity contributions to the emerging markets microfinancing platform Kiva:

    From each policy sold, service provided or financing arranged, we lend a portion to microfinance borrowers in various developing markets.

We bring a unique value added to the table

Experts with years of experience

Our distinctive advantage is that we are run by professionals with many years of experience as financiers, underwriters, and arrangers of credit insurance.

We speak your language

We genuinely speak your language and know how to find optimal solutions for your risk and/or funding needs.

Genuine win-win proposition

Our solutions are systematically cheaper than those provided by insurance companies directly or through competitors so clients benefit from our market-beating pricing.

Broad spectrum of clients

We work with companies from many industries because working capital and risk management are indispensable growth enablers for companies from a wide range of sectors with assets, equity or operations across the globe.

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Welcome to LiquidityCo

We are your one-stop solution for all matters relating to funding and insuring risks. We assist business with raising finance. We also protect our financiers and businesses they finance with insurance. Every year billions are lost globally due to counterparties' credit failures. We help companies avoid such losses by using one or more of our offerings.

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Huge market

Banks are becoming increasingly conservative and alternative finance providers are growing in numbers. To find the most efficient and cost-effective funding options becomes a complex task that a busy SME management has no time for. Businesses using our services can focus on their core competence and leave financing and/or credit protection to a specialist such as us.

Low Awareness

Only 10% of those creditors had protected themselves with a credit insurance policy or any other credit risk transfer mechanism.

Only in the UK, ca. £4bn is lost in business insolvencies annually with 155,000 trade creditors losing huge amounts in bad b2b debt and, as a result, many of them becoming insolvent themselves.

Our products are of
huge benefit to all businesses

Raise funding

If you want to raise funds, simply fill in the form above and we'll be in touch with the best-matching solutions to your requirements. We are working with a range of providers and are confident we can find you a solution better than what your current providers offer you.

Check your clients or prospects

Research shows that 50% of defaults happen to clients with long-established relationships. We have access to premium information from a range of business intelligence providers and would be happy to provide you with their research on your potential or existing clients.

Single risk insurance

Through our partners, you can access various insurance offerings on single risk basis protecting your larger exposures.

Whole turnover or portfolio insurance

We can arrange credit insurance for your whole turnover or a portfolio of receivables, be it from a certain market or industry.

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Business insurance, funding
and business intelligence products offered

Speak to us about cost-effective mechanisms of sourcing information, arranging business insurance and/or selling of your invoices at market-beating rates without any collateral, personal guarantees or counter-indemnities.

Broad spectrum of experience

Our experience includes work with clients ranging from world-famous global multinationals to nimble startups helping them protect their risk exposures as well as raise working capital.

Full range of risk tools

We provide you with insurance, risk management and funding superpowers for growing your business.

Optimized for dynamic businesses

We understand the importance of quick response times when working with clients so we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times

Fully Featured & Accessible

Membership of our club provides our clients with constant access to analytical, financing and insurance tools.

Check out our partner app - Honest Insurance App by WeCovr

Honest Insurance App by WeCovr is a new innovative app that helps you with your insurance and finance needs. Available for our UK users for now, the Honest app provides a carefully curated selection of extremely attractively-priced products backed by solid and reputable insurance groups.
Importantly, it also rewards its active members by pooling a portion of overall premiums into a rewards pot that goes to refund the premium spent by the most active members of the community who simply spread the word of the app amongst their friends and contacts. Products range from credit insurance and other business insurance products, to phone and travel insurance to bike, car breakdown, motor excess, golf, wedding, key care, home emergency and many others.

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Expert advice

Speak to real professionals. Avoid costly mistakes.

Our clients benefit from our ability to create solutions from various providers. Having an in-depth working experience in the relevant areas, we truly understand your needs and at the same time exactly know how to source the best possible terms for you. This makes us unique in the business insurance and financing market and places us in an ideal position to provide you with a solution to your needs.

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Understand risks

Invoice sold doesn't always mean that risk transferred.

Check the small print of your invoice discounter: typically they have the right of recourse to your firm and often to you personally, despite the financing being on the basis of your invoice. This means you will have to pay back all the financing plus interest out of your own pocket and without receiving any funds from your defaulted customer. Speak to us to source non-recourse funding.

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